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Russian translations with distinction

Thank you for visiting.

I hope here you can find everything you need.

The services I provide:

- conference / face-to-face interpreting

- legal translations (patents, contracts, articles, letters & court statements)

- medical translations (articles & booklets)

- literary translations (poetry, autobiographies & fiction)

- technical translations (instructions & usage manuals)

- general translations (press-releases & correspondence)

- business translations (business correspondence, articles & presentations)

- Russian tuition (one to one and correspondence courses)

- English lessons for Russian speakers (beginners, intermediate & advanced) - correspondence courses

- presentations, exhibitions and negotiations

- same day translations

- certified translations (CV, birth & marriage certificates, diplomas)

- website translation

- telephone interpreting

- proof-reading, revising & editing

If you have any queries or can not find the service you require, please do not hesitate to contact me at 02476 396024 or 07748 834531.